Abundant States Taiwan Sweet Potato Starch
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We sell only one type of product, which is sweet potato starch. Therefore we can put all our efforts into producing the highest possible quality.

Product Highlights
  1. Pure, all natural sweet potato starch manufactured from Taiwanese sweet potatoes using established process techniques.

  2. Contains no pesticides, chemicals, or artificial additives.

  3. No saturated or trans fat. Wheat and dairy free.

  4. Our unbleached starch has a naturally dull white color.

  5. Processed with traditional drying method that results in larger granular size.

  6. True sweet potato starch that keeps the original flavor and aroma of the sweet potato. Has superior viscosity, adhensiveness, and taste and is much more stable than other types of starch.

  7. Very suitable for making soya pudding, sweet potato pearls, sweet potato jelly, taro pearls, oyster omelet, and meat ball dumplings. Can also be used as a soup thickener.

  8. Makes an excellent coating when frying foods, lending a crispier texture and naturally sweet flavor to the dish. The crispness remains even after the dish cools down, which does not occur when using ordinary potato starch or modified starch.

  9. Consistently high grade of purity and stability, saving chefs the trouble of modifying recipes to provide customers the same taste every time.

  10. Can be stored for at least two years at room temperature and in areas of low humidity. The quality of the sweet potato starch remains stable and does not break down.

  11. Quality is backed by over 50 years of production experience.

  12. Retains all characteristics of pure and natural sweet potato starch, which are (listed as follows):
    • Natural aroma can be smelled immediately after the package is opened.
    • Distinct sweet potato scent when mixed with water.
    • Glutinous quality which lasts for a long time.

SGS Test Report:

Abundant States Taiwan Sweet Potato Starch has been tested by SGS Taiwan Ltd. for 151 types of pesticedes and anti-microbial preservatives (such as Sorbic Acid, Salicylic acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzoic acid, p-Hydroxybenzoate), Cadnium, and Mercury. The results showed that they were all non-detected. The presence of other metals are far below Taiwan's National Standard (<1ppm). ---SGS Test Report# UF/2008/80956

Nutrition Facts: