Abundant States Taiwan Sweet Potato Starch
Discover the many wonders of all natural sweet potato starch!
  • Sweet potato starch is a great thickener for soups and puddings.
  • Sweet potato starch can be used to make jelly and pearls.
  • Sweet potato starch can make pancakes and crepes more chewy.
  • Sweet potato starch can be used to make delicious oyster omelette.
  • Sweet potato starch can seal the flavor in fried chicken, pork, and fish, and adds to the great taste too.
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Traditionally Processed. No Additives.

Abundant States is a professional sweet potato starch factory in Taiwan established in the 1960s. A traditional process, combined with 50 years of production experience, provides locally grown, 100% natural sweet potato starch.

Abundant States sweet potato starch is processed purely from high-quality sweet potatoes and contains absolutely no chemicals or any other type of starch. Our starch complements many dishes very nicely, so that family members, friends, and customers can enjoy the delicious taste of the meal without any concerns about health or flavor. Restaurant owners and chefs will find the quality of our sweet potato starch consistently higher than other brands, which commonly contain artificial ingredients and other forms of starch.

By continuing the traditional process for making sweet potato starch, we continue to ensure a high quality for every batch we make.

Our promise to the customers:

  • All Natural
    Traditionally processed and additive-free. The nutritious sweet potato is processed without any chemicals or artificial additives, ensuring a better, worry-free meal for consumers.
  • High Quality
    The highest grade, 100% pure sweet potato starch is made with inspections for quality at each stage of processing. The consistency of the product stays high from batch to batch.
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